Identifying The Right Fundraiser Campaign

It is a well-known fact that many times our donated funds simply go in to the pockets of professional fundraisers. Even the most reputed charity houses have to take risk for costly fundraising campaigns. Sometimes the charity is left with only a few pennies after paying the fundraisers. Will you feel good after knowing that all your donated money went in to some kind of business rather than reaching the needy? It happens a lot these days, so it is not surprising to know that the charities even lose money. It can also happen that the money raised from the campaign was entirely used to pay for the campaign expenditure.

This leaves the charities with bills of thousands of dollars to pay for the campaign. The money spent on organizing the campaign even exceeds the total amount raised from the campaign. You must be receiving several calls asking you to support military veterans, the environment or the local police. Majority of these calls are from professional fundraisers. The money donated by people, simply go in to their pocket and nowhere else. The bank of Scotland contact number can help you in donating your money in a trust worthy place.

According to a report generated by New York attorney general’s office, only 48% of the total money raised by telemarketers as a donation went to the charities. Rest of the money was used by national and local fundraisers for their own benefit. Over the last many years, 48% is the maximum measure that charities have received from fundraisers. Sometimes the amount was much less than 48% which was a very concerning topic for all of us. We donate blindly when the telemarketers ask for charitable donations. There are negligible chances of getting to know, where did the donation actually go.

How can we leave our money just like that for somebody else’s materialistic benefit? People donate for a cause and if that cause is not met, it is every donator’s loss. It is not only that the large charities only do this. Small and large charities both are involved in these types of crime. They do it for their personal benefit quite a few times. Charities practice expensive fundraising methods that even cost them a lot. Due to this reason they end up clearing all the bills and then keeping some for themselves. Lastly, nothing reaches the needy people for whom the fund was raised.

It is important for all of us to identify the genuineness of a charity before we donate any amount to them. Be your own watchdog before you donate anywhere. If you want you can investigate a charity yourself. Some charities do have a good name in their field. Get to know about them and then donate. You can safeguard your money by donating to a fundraising federation. Try to verify their tax exempt status. If you are counting on the tax deduction before donating first find out if the charity is eligible for tax deduction. Keep these tips in mind when you make a contribution to a charity.