Everything You Need To Know About The O2 Customer Service

UK has one of the largest telecom markets in Europe. O2 and EE are the top two mobile telecommunication providers in the UK. Cellnet underwent a rebranding process to emerge as O2 to entice new customers. At present O2 has established a network of its brand stores through the country as well as a devoted website to answer its customers’ queries. Customers can also access the customer service provided by O2 at o2 Contact Number. O2 has been constantly challenging itself to bring more products and services to its loyal customers. According to http://www.eurocomms.com/features/analysis/11833-o2-uk-searches-doggedly-for-smart-home-benefits-as-analysts-cite-price-concerns O2 has currently added smart home technology as the latest feather in its cap.

The O2 network services are available as a post-paid as well as a pre-paid contract to its customers. 4G services were recently rolled out in London, Bradford and Leeds. Since a majority of the users do not own a 4G phone, the service is available as pay per use basis. The customer service helps users solve any issue easily without having to step out of their homes. Some of the services available through the customer service number are:

· Changing your tariff
· Paying your bill
· Viewing your balance
· Recovering a lost or stolen phone
· Setting up your broadband connection
· Upgrading your phone
· Locating the nearest O2 store
· Listing a complaint

O2 is popular in the market for its exceptional services provided to its customers. Services like:

O2 Refresh
With the release of new smartphones with new and improved technology on a daily basis, the user is tempted to change their handset. The customer is able to do this by availing the O2 refresh service. The old handset can be traded in for a new one, even if the customer has an ongoing contract. A device bill is added onto the airtime plan. This device plan helps the customer to pay for the new phone on a monthly basis.

O2 Travel
This service comes in handy whenever you are travelling for business or pleasure. It makes sure you remain in contact through your communication network.

O2 Recycle
This service is available for all electronic devices like phone, cameras, tablets, mp3 players and so on. It is also available across all telecom networks. O2 sends the user a pack containing everything required to send your device. These devices are then refurbished, if that is not a possibility, then they are recycled.

O2 Priority
Loyal customers are placed on the O2 priority list ad given access to special offers; prize draws as well exclusive sneak previews to new services.

O2 Wifi
O2 Wifi is offered on a free basis to its customers. The speed of O2 Wifi is around 10 times faster than a normal mobile connection. This has been very popular among the customers since its introduction.

O2 Gurus
O2 Gurus are available to help you to get a grip of the new technology that comes out. They are available online as well in the stores throughout the country to help troubleshoot through your technology related issues.

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